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Cool stuff

You need to watch this. And show it to your favorite bigots, too.

Sweet short gay film

This is a gay-themed student movie I found on Youtube. It shows how much QAF has changed the view on gay characters. And, awww, the prospect of a gay prom dance. Besides, it's short and sweet. Let me know what you think.

Fic: No Towels Night

Timeline: End of Season 1
[info]mander3_swish. Thank you so much!

This is sort of a porny gapfiller for Season 1, but the hint in canon is given in 404, during Justin's first visit at Kinnetik:

"Last time I was here it was ‘No Towels Night.’"
"Everyone wanted to touch my stiffy."

"Mr. Popular. But I'm the only one you fucked. Aaaah, the old steam room. This was the first place we ever fucked in public."
"There's nothing like performing in front of an audience."


"Who said this was a surprise for your birthday?"Collapse )

Feb. 22nd, 2012

Just found this. I think it's beautiful.

QAF fic: The Cuddle Party

Warning: This was originally written for the Cuddle Day Challenge, but I didn't finish it in time. It's very, very cuddly and fluffy and 100 per cent angst-free.
Timeline: About 2 years after 513
Pairing: Brian/ Justin (duh!)
Rating: PG; Gus is involved, that's why the boys have to behave themselves. Yeah, well, as much as they can.
Many thanks to my great beta masnds2

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On the third day of his very first visit at Britin, Gus felt a little homesick, so I decided that it was best to distract him before he started to get more than just a little whiny.
"So, Gus, why don't we go upstairs to the media room with some cuddly pillows and read one of your favorite books? Or would you rather watch a movie?" I suggested.
"My moms, JR and me, we have a cuddle party sometimes." He sounded a little crushed.
Brian, who had silently followed our conversation until now, rolled his eyes into my direction. I ignored him. "Molly, my mother and I did the same thing when I was younger and my father was out of town." "So you had a girl’s day. How cute.” Brian snarked.”Did you also try on your mother's clothes and paint each other's toenails?
Gus giggled. "You're so funny, Dad." And now it was my turn to roll my eyes at Brian.

But it had worked. Gus was distracted and happily looking forward to a cuddly day with his two fathers who he didn't even have to share with his baby sister.
"Don't you like to cuddle, Dad? Maybe in your family they just did it wrong."
If only the boy knew how close to the truth that was. Brian tried to look away, but I could see the pain in his eyes. I took his hand. "Don't worry. I promise it won't hurt.", I whispered into his ear. And then I added. "I'll make it up to you later when he is asleep."
"Fine. So what do we need?" Brian asked, a little more confident.
"Munchies!” Gus exclaimed.
"Pillows.", I added.
"Lots of pillows for a pillow fight.", Gus beamed. "And we need to dress in pajamas, of course."
"It's three in the afternoon. You can't possibly wear pajamas at three in the afternoon."
"What? Aren't you the one who always tells people that it's none of their business what you can or can't do? Besides, I can remember you wearing pajamas in the afternoon after club nights."
"True. It just feels like a wasted day if you do it on purpose."
"That's such complete and utter bull...nonsense. You so wouldn't mind, "I only mouthed the f-word, "all day and wouldn't consider it a waste."
"That's because it isn't."

     Brian's POV      
The two favorite men in my life were right, of course. It was fun to have a pillow fight first, to play hide and seek between the sheets and to guess each other's sketches we painted on our backs with our fingers.
Whenever I lingered too long on Justin's smooth, beautiful body, my son punished us by jumping up and down on the mattress and sometimes even kicking us. "Hey, little man. Watch it...!" I warned him tongue in cheek and pushed him down onto the king-size bed. "No...no tickling...", he giggled and I let go of him after a while.
Eventually, we took a little nap altogether but of course; my son was up for more cuddling action way too soon. Guess he's my son after all, bouncing with energy.
We watched some shit on TV, but then again, I didn't want him to watch for hours so we also played some of the games Mel and Linds had packed into Gus' luggage.
In the evening, we were all tired and happy from doing nothing in particular. When the phone rang, Gus screamed: "I'll take it!" and we grinned at each other.
"Hello Mum. Put Jenny on the phone. Pleaaaaaase. I need to tell her something." Pause.
"Jenny? You wouldn't believe that I just had a cuddle day with my dads. See, I told you? It's just like Mom said." Gus looked at us and covered the phone. I wondered where he had seen that. I nudged Justin and we both watched him, ridiculously proud while he explained to his little sister what we had done the entire day. Mission fulfilled - no more homesickness for the moment.
After the kids  talk, it was time for me to assure Lindsay that her little baby was just fine. She cried a little on the phone and I told her to shut up. "Asshole.", she sobbed. "I miss you too.” I said and that was pathetic but true. I even miss Mel sometimes.
"Sonny boy?” I asked him later. "What did your Mom say about me?"
"It's something she always tells Momma Mel." He hesitated, but also was eager to tell.
"I promise Justin and I won't tell them ."
"She said that if we want something we have to ask Justin first. Because you can't say no to him."
Justin cracked up. "Mouth of babes."
"That's so not true." Was I really that easy?
"Right. I'm not a baby. I'm almost seven years old.", Gus protested.
When Gus was finally tucked into his own bed, I realized not for the first time that having a kid 24/7 can mess with your sex life. It was even more exhausting than a day at Kinnetik. After a lazy but great fuck Justin and I both fell asleep on the spot.
I was awakened by the soft sound of a pencil scratching on paper. Justin loved sketching me and Gus together, so he did it in every free minute. I yawned and grabbed the sketch pad from his hands.
"It's for Mel and Linds." Justin grinned deviously. "I thought I would let Gus make some sketches, too."
There was a set of cuddly scenes between the three of us with the headline "The proof! Brian Kinney does cuddle and he fucking liked it."
I pushed my tongue into my cheek and smirked: "Well, at least there's fucking in that sentence, isn't there?"
"I thought so, too." Justin agreed and expertly licked my neckline and my nipples. "So let's use our time wisely until your son wakes up."
"You've always been wise beyond your years, Sunshine." I teased and pulled him into a deep kiss.

QAF ficlet: A Question of Trust

Title: A Question of Trust
Author: [info]bidyke73, betaed by masnds2
Pairing: Justin/ Ethan (implied B(J)
Summary: Ethan wants to try something new. And Justin doubts his feelings for Ethan.


Tag and Question Meme

I was tagged by pet0511 - this is for you, sweetie

The rules:

1. People who have been tagged must write the answers on their blog and replace any question they dislike with a new, original question.

2. Tag eight people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you.

Okay, these are many. I tag:

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